New Painting to be shown at Moxie Dada’s last show

Moxie Dada will be closing it’s doors this December. They are moving on from the four walls of the gallery to take an active part in the community. Here is a statement from their website:
We’d like to take the opportunity to thank our artists, the community and our neighbors at the firehouse studios for supporting our efforts during our stay in the Northside. It is with great enthusiasm and zest that we embark in our new direction, which includes: the development of commercial and residential art acquisition; and exploration of the virtual arena for art process, documentation, interviews and tours… Our long term goal is to provide\ global access to the Pittsburgh arts community following personal and regional developments. In short, providing a window to the world..
Coupling with the virtual development, moxie DaDA will continue to act as facilitators of public art projects. In our next phase, you can expect to see art that moves, engages and challenges.”

Their last show will be “Dia De Los Muertos Y La Resurreccion: the existencial crisis”
@ moxie DaDA
1416 Arch Street OCT 10 – NOV 7 2009

oct 10 2009 / 12-6 PM
nov 7 2009 / 6-9 PM

“This exhibition is going to explore death as a doorway to another life. It is going to represent the physical death of the gallery through a burial, and exhibition that reflects on these three questions: why do we exist; why are we here; and are we able to make a difference…?


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