Bad Taste poster design

So I’ve been wanting to do some poster design for a while now.  I’ve done a couple posters for people in the past, but lately I wanted to do something just for kicks.  I watched Bad Taste the other day and was inspired to create a poster worthy of such a gross-out film.  This movie is notoriously labeled as one of the worst movies ever made, which makes it all the more enjoyable.  If you’ve never heard of it, check IMDB for a summary.

So here’s the design.  I’ve been screen printing for a few years now and wanted to design it as if it were gonna be printed that way.  No halftones, just nice solid colors.  I did add a distressed look to it just to give it that old dusty feel.  I’m gonna do some more soon, I was thinking Day of the Dead.  Don’t worry – more artworks coming soon too!


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