Character Sketches for Short Stories

These are a few drawings I did to accompany some short stories I’ve been writing.  They’re sort of like modern fairy tales or fables.  Only with robots and deaths heads.

Old Man wearing Bear Mask

Individuals wearing masks are hiding their true selves. There are two sides to this. Some wear masks to fool others into thinking that they are something different. They are afraid to reveal who they really are. Others wear masks in the hopes of becoming the character that the mask embodies, absorbing the traits that the mask holds. Some fall somewhere between the two.

The Collector
The Collector lives through his possessions. He has the features of a bird but his objects weigh him down making him unable to fly.
Deaths Heads
Deaths Heads are winged skulls sent to accommodate for pending expiration, but also assist and guide individuals in the transformation from one state to another.
The Hermit
The Hermit lives away from all others in the swamp. He is the only one capable of living there. The swamp’s difficulty and stubbornness is matched only by the Hermit’s.
The Robot
These are just a few, I have more in mind. I’ll post more soon.

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