New Painting – "Dopplegang" or "Robots Be Crazy"

This is a new-ish painting that I did for a show at Fast>>Fwd Gallery down in Lawrenceville. It’s titled Dopplegang.

To me it is about a sort of mental blockage that can then skew your vision, taking a form that gets in the way, and eventually pulls you to the ground.  I think that each “doppleganger” would think that’s it’s the original, and all of it’s connected siblings would simply be it’s clones. This would cause a conflict within the clustered automatons, every bot thinking that he is the only one worth being heard and taken seriously.  But all the time the one who is the REAL original would know just that, but with the all madness going on, he could barely speak, let alone make any sense of it all.  Eventually he would have to find a way to collapse all of these shadow selves back into each other, or remain planted, while his identity hangs above his head shifting from one stubborn monotone voice to another.


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