Diggin through some old artwork… and thoughts on what’s to come.


No Compute Drumbreak!!

I did this painting a few years back for the show Bogus Journey at Moxie Dada here in Pittsburgh. Looking back at some of my older paintings, I can see myself progressing technically, which comes with time, experience, and praying to sun god. The stories that I find myself telling through my paintings have gotten more layered and have become more of an autobiography. This last year especially with the series of paintings included in the show: Lost, Found, Somewhere in Between. I feel like things have gotten a bit darker too, which really, has been a reflection of my life. I’ve had a strange couple of years.

With the new stuff that I am working on now, while still slightly autobiographical, I am focusing on telling a more “put together” story of these characters that inhabit my pieces. What I’m doing now is creating a story of experiences, encounters, and conflicts that we all face, just through the eyes of  otherworldly creatures and weirdos. I’ve tried to address issues and experiences that we go through as people in the past. Be it, through my own weird, warped view. But things have always seemed fragmented. Always being compelled by fables, folklore, and the artwork that comes with them, this time around, I am trying to focus on series of stories that will all be accompanied by various forms of artwork. I’m not sure where this will go or if it will work at all, but I think that this is the direction that I need to go right now in order to tell a bigger story. So keeeep your eyes peeled for a new batch of lovably hysteric characters and the magically tragic tales they tell.



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