Art All Night in Lawrenceville!

Are ya’ll going to Art All Night in Larryville on the 27th / 28th? You should. Better yet, you should submit some art-stuff. Fun.


Art All Night turns Sweet 16! Take a stroll into Lawrenceville to celebrate the arts and community. Daylight, black of night, or wee hours of the morning: you can stop in and see the show. Come for the art on display, stay for the live art created before your eyes, for the art you can make, the music, the performances, and children’s activities!

Art All Night is FREE to attend and FREE to participating artists. YOU ARE THE ARTIST. We want you to submit ONE of your works of art. Early online registration will be available in early April at www.artallnight.org. Artists submitting work must show a photo ID during both registration and pickup. All artwork must arrive ready to hang or otherwise be displayed. As always: No Fees, No Jury, No Censorship!

Visit our website at www.artallnight.org
Follow us on Twitter @ArtAllNight
Read our blog, post your AAN experience, and ask questions at artallnightlawrenceville.tumblr.com
Share your photos in our Flikr stream or group:http://www.flickr.com/photos/artallnight/
Follow our instagram account at http://instagram.com/artallnightlawrenceville


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