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Be Your Own God – Unar Car’das – Sam

Be Your Own God – Unar Car'das - Sam

Unar Car’das
Specialization/Class: Wizard
Weapon: Staff
Transport: Wagon
Familiars: Dragonflies
Misc. Stats: +2 to Tallness
Spirit Animal: Whale



Be Your Own God – Justin S.

Be Your Own God – Justin S.

Justin S.
Specialization/Class: Priest
Weapon: Crossbow shaped like a cross
Transport: Giant Otter
Allies: Papal Guard, Swiss Orphans
Spirit Animal: Giant Otter


Be Your Own God – Jared

Be Your Own God - Jared

Specialization/Class: Evil Cleric
Weapon: Broadsword/Magic Dagger
Transport: Your Mom
Familiars: Battle Stag
Misc. Stats: +5 Charisma -10 Dexerity

A project that depicts my friends as deities, weirdos, or whatever else they describe themselves via cryptic surveys.


Be Your Own God – Raynore McGillicuty – Jacob Nerney

Be Your Own God - Raynore McGillicuty - Jacob Nerney

Raynore McGillicuty
Specialization/Class: Dwarf Barbarian
Weapon: Dual Wielded Long Swords
Transport: Shetland Pony
Allies: All Dwarves, Halflings of all Lands
Spirit Animal: Toad


Be Your Own God – Ronaldo Hickabod

Be Your Own God - Ronaldo Hickabod

A project that depicts my friends as deities, weirdos, or whatever else they describe themselves to be via cryptic surveys.

Ronaldo Hickabod
Specialization/Class: Manhunter
Weapon: Colorful Language
Transport: Stolen Bicycle
Allies: None
Misc. Stats: Lvl 50 Borderlander
Spirit Animal: Sloth


Be Your Own God – Ben “The Ice Cream Man” Houck

A project that depicts my friends as deities, weirdos, or whatever else they describe themselves to be via cryptic surveys.

Ben “The Ice Cream Man” Houck
Specialization/Class: Bamboozler
Transport: Rusty old truck
Weapon: Poison
Allies: Lots o cats be followin me
Misc. Stats: always high

Just added to the shop – New Prints and Paintings!


Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 9.29.27 PM

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Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Evil Dead poster

Brand new print for Steel City Secret Cinema, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Evil Dead!!

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Evil Dead

New Poster for The Golden Grass, Carousel, Lost Realms Show




Click here for more info on this event

“ZA” The Art Show all About PIZZA! Pizza Party Pics!

Pittsburgh’s Pizza Party: “ZA” The Art Show all about PIZZA!

Actual pizza making a guest appearance

Actual pizza making a guest appearance

Jes: Pizza Mastermind

Jes: Pizza Mastermind

Space Pizza

Space Pizza



Super Realistic Slice

Super Realistic Slice

Jes - Pizza Wizard

Jes – Pizza Wizard

Jes - Pizza Wizard

Jes – Pizza Wizard

Jeshaka Hand Chair

Jeshaka Hand Chair

Jacob Brentzel

Jacob Brentzel

Ronnie Hicks' Donatello

Ronnie Hicks’ Donatello

Just hangin with Donatello and a giant hand pizza chair.

Just hangin with Donatello and a giant hand pizza chair.



Caitlin Boyle, awesome. I need one of these prints!!

Caitlin Boyle, awesome. I need one of these prints!!

Pizza Pies Disco Dance!!

Pizza Pies Disco Dance!!

New Painting! “And then I was Pizza… Space Pizza”

And then I was Pizza... Space Pizza

Multi-Dimensional Pizza For “ZA” Pizza Show!!

“ZA” – An art show all about PIZZA!



Friday, June 7, 2013 join us during Unblurred’s First Fridays gallery crawl in June on Penn Ave for a group show celebrating the most beloved food on earth, P I Z Z A!

The Artists:

Caitlin Boyle
Jacob Brentzel
Abby Diamond
Ronnie Hicks
Michael Koehler
Jes LaVecchia (Jeshaka)
Dave Loy
Brian Maclaskey
Nathan Mazur
Luke Novel
Sage Perrott (Hay Peep)
Brad Pierce (Buttcoffin)
Meg Prall
J Spencer Shull (Jellykoe)
Mike Sobeck
Lizzee Solomon
Kathryn Stabile
Emma Wood

There will be actual PIZZA at the opening for guests to snack on, along with some other PIZZA related goodies!

ZA” will take place at The Mr.Roboto Project on Penn Ave in Pittsburgh.

For more information visit ZA’s event page.

“Yum Yum” Gremlins inspired painting at Steel City Secret Cinema


This wretched GREMLINS inspired painting was done for Steel City Secret Cinema II 80s edition here in Pittsburgh. It will be shown at Most Wanted Fine Art’s “Stuff and Such” gallery starting May 3rd. There are Prints available for $18 Bucks, so stop by and get all nostalgic and stuff!

Prints will be available online soon!


Art All Night in Lawrenceville!

Are ya’ll going to Art All Night in Larryville on the 27th / 28th? You should. Better yet, you should submit some art-stuff. Fun.


Art All Night turns Sweet 16! Take a stroll into Lawrenceville to celebrate the arts and community. Daylight, black of night, or wee hours of the morning: you can stop in and see the show. Come for the art on display, stay for the live art created before your eyes, for the art you can make, the music, the performances, and children’s activities!

Art All Night is FREE to attend and FREE to participating artists. YOU ARE THE ARTIST. We want you to submit ONE of your works of art. Early online registration will be available in early April at Artists submitting work must show a photo ID during both registration and pickup. All artwork must arrive ready to hang or otherwise be displayed. As always: No Fees, No Jury, No Censorship!

Steel City Secret Cinema Part Deux


This spring, take part in a unique art and film event at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont.  For our second event, bust out your shoulder pads, leg warmers, and acid-washed jeans as we are going back to the 1980′s!  We’ll once again be mashing up Pittsburgh-based artists and a cult classic horror film (this time, from the 80′s)… and we’ll be following up the evening with a month long display of the work at the Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery.

The movie will remain a secret, the art under wraps, but a ticket will gain you access to the film screening, a limited edition individually numbered movie poster of the “secret” film, access to the work of local artists, raffle giveaways, free food/drink, and local entertainment.

7:00 – 8:30pm – Art Gallery, Food/Drink, Live Music
8:30 – 10:15pm – Film Screening
10:15 – 10:45pm – Unveil Poster, Raffle Prizes

This event is set up to be not-for-profit.  All proceeds will be donated to Friends of the Hollywood Theater and the Toonseum.  Stay tuned over the coming months as we make additional announcements!  Any interested sponsors, artists, volunteers, or general questions, please visit our Contact page.

The Location

The Gallery

More info than ever at


Mystr Skullington Time Lapse Painting


Feed on dreams


Free shipping on all PRINTS through this weekend!

Now’s your chance to grab a slick print! FREE shipping on all printed artwork through December 9th! Click the shop image below or go to for details on how to acquire the gnarliest of paintings reproduced onto dead trees.

Screen Shot 2012-12-07 at 6.04.53 PM

Diggin through some old artwork… and thoughts on what’s to come.


No Compute Drumbreak!!

I did this painting a few years back for the show Bogus Journey at Moxie Dada here in Pittsburgh. Looking back at some of my older paintings, I can see myself progressing technically, which comes with time, experience, and praying to sun god. The stories that I find myself telling through my paintings have gotten more layered and have become more of an autobiography. This last year especially with the series of paintings included in the show: Lost, Found, Somewhere in Between. I feel like things have gotten a bit darker too, which really, has been a reflection of my life. I’ve had a strange couple of years.

With the new stuff that I am working on now, while still slightly autobiographical, I am focusing on telling a more “put together” story of these characters that inhabit my pieces. What I’m doing now is creating a story of experiences, encounters, and conflicts that we all face, just through the eyes of  otherworldly creatures and weirdos. I’ve tried to address issues and experiences that we go through as people in the past. Be it, through my own weird, warped view. But things have always seemed fragmented. Always being compelled by fables, folklore, and the artwork that comes with them, this time around, I am trying to focus on series of stories that will all be accompanied by various forms of artwork. I’m not sure where this will go or if it will work at all, but I think that this is the direction that I need to go right now in order to tell a bigger story. So keeeep your eyes peeled for a new batch of lovably hysteric characters and the magically tragic tales they tell.


Happy Turkey Madness!


Up next in New series. Mystic Skull AKA Mystr Skullington

Coming soon. Mystr Skullington, the wretched baboon man. While beaten and battered, he is still able to control the forces of his own dementia…

Crazy new painting: Dimensionaut, the Wizrd.

First in a series of 4 new paintings, is Dimensionaut. He’s a Wizrd dude that is weary after long barefoot travels on an unforgiving path. With him he keeps the impossible triangle, which guides him on his quest for light. And above him are two Death’s heads who like to hang out but also remind the old Wizrd of his grand purpose.

Dimensionaut has traveled through a horrible place, one of hellish despair. Still he is guided by his impossible faith that he will persevere. His future path is unknown. But his added eye, given to him by the triangle, grants him an insight. With help from death’s vicarious heads he treads forward.

This and other paintings to come will all be a part of an awesome storybook that’s in the making.

The Wizrd, Dimensionaut painting nearly finished!

So here’s a detail shot of the Wizrd, Dimensionaut. He just needs some last details and he’s all done. At this point I’m probably in at about 12 hours. This is what happens when I have a day off and nothing to do!

Keep your corneas peeled for the final version coming real soon.

New ART PRINTS!! starting at $18

sJust added today, New ART PRINTS starting at $18!!
Click on SHOP and for the PRINTS page.

Printed on Super high quality paper that was mined from the ocean floor by deep sea dudes and Poseidon himself!

Don’t forget, Original art is still available too! For more info go to CONTACT, where you can send me a message about what you’re interested in.

Sneak Peek Sketches

Here’s a couple sketches for a group of new paintings coming soon. . .