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Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Evil Dead poster

Brand new print for Steel City Secret Cinema, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Evil Dead!!

Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Evil Dead


New Painting! “And then I was Pizza… Space Pizza”

And then I was Pizza... Space Pizza

Multi-Dimensional Pizza For “ZA” Pizza Show!!

“ZA” – An art show all about PIZZA!



Friday, June 7, 2013 join us during Unblurred’s First Fridays gallery crawl in June on Penn Ave for a group show celebrating the most beloved food on earth, P I Z Z A!

The Artists:

Caitlin Boyle
Jacob Brentzel
Abby Diamond
Ronnie Hicks
Michael Koehler
Jes LaVecchia (Jeshaka)
Dave Loy
Brian Maclaskey
Nathan Mazur
Luke Novel
Sage Perrott (Hay Peep)
Brad Pierce (Buttcoffin)
Meg Prall
J Spencer Shull (Jellykoe)
Mike Sobeck
Lizzee Solomon
Kathryn Stabile
Emma Wood

There will be actual PIZZA at the opening for guests to snack on, along with some other PIZZA related goodies!

ZA” will take place at The Mr.Roboto Project on Penn Ave in Pittsburgh.

For more information visit ZA’s event page.

“Yum Yum” Gremlins inspired painting at Steel City Secret Cinema


This wretched GREMLINS inspired painting was done for Steel City Secret Cinema II 80s edition here in Pittsburgh. It will be shown at Most Wanted Fine Art’s “Stuff and Such” gallery starting May 3rd. There are Prints available for $18 Bucks, so stop by and get all nostalgic and stuff!

Prints will be available online soon!


Art All Night in Lawrenceville!

Are ya’ll going to Art All Night in Larryville on the 27th / 28th? You should. Better yet, you should submit some art-stuff. Fun.


Art All Night turns Sweet 16! Take a stroll into Lawrenceville to celebrate the arts and community. Daylight, black of night, or wee hours of the morning: you can stop in and see the show. Come for the art on display, stay for the live art created before your eyes, for the art you can make, the music, the performances, and children’s activities!

Art All Night is FREE to attend and FREE to participating artists. YOU ARE THE ARTIST. We want you to submit ONE of your works of art. Early online registration will be available in early April at Artists submitting work must show a photo ID during both registration and pickup. All artwork must arrive ready to hang or otherwise be displayed. As always: No Fees, No Jury, No Censorship!

Steel City Secret Cinema Part Deux


This spring, take part in a unique art and film event at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont.  For our second event, bust out your shoulder pads, leg warmers, and acid-washed jeans as we are going back to the 1980′s!  We’ll once again be mashing up Pittsburgh-based artists and a cult classic horror film (this time, from the 80′s)… and we’ll be following up the evening with a month long display of the work at the Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery.

The movie will remain a secret, the art under wraps, but a ticket will gain you access to the film screening, a limited edition individually numbered movie poster of the “secret” film, access to the work of local artists, raffle giveaways, free food/drink, and local entertainment.

7:00 – 8:30pm – Art Gallery, Food/Drink, Live Music
8:30 – 10:15pm – Film Screening
10:15 – 10:45pm – Unveil Poster, Raffle Prizes

This event is set up to be not-for-profit.  All proceeds will be donated to Friends of the Hollywood Theater and the Toonseum.  Stay tuned over the coming months as we make additional announcements!  Any interested sponsors, artists, volunteers, or general questions, please visit our Contact page.

The Location

The Gallery

More info than ever at

New Painting for Steel City Secret Cinema – ROBOCORPSE!!

Thanks to everyone that came out to Steel City Secret Cinema last night in Dormont. It was kinda like Alamo Drafthouse meets Gallery 1988. For those of you that couldn’t make it, here is the painting that I had showing. The theme for the show was any movie made in Pittsburgh. I couldn’t decide between Robocop and Day of the dead, and this is the result. It’s titled “RoboCorpse” or “When Murphy met Bub”. It hails as the grossest painting I’ve ever done. It just might be showing at House of The Dead in Lawrenceville so keep yer eyes peeled, son.

Steel City Secret Cinema – October 25

This fall, take part in a unique art and film event at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont. 

Consider it a mash-up of Pittsburgh-based artists and a cult classic film shot in Western Pennsylvania… a true blend of local art and film.

The movie will remain a secret, the art under wraps, but a ticket will gain you access to the film screening, the work of local artists, raffle giveaways, free food, and local entertainment.

What does a ticket to Steel City Secret Cinema get you?

1. Screening of a western Pennsylvania cult classic film
2. A signed/numbered limited edition movie poster from artist, Brian Holderman
3. Art exhibit from local artists – everything is inspired by Western PA cinema
4. Pre-screening entertainment from local DJ duo, Tracksploitation
5. Hors d’oeuvres prior to the show
6. A raffle ticket for items worth over $1,000 – VIP ticket gets you more chances to win

Participating Artists
– Brian Holderman (
– Kelly Blevins (
– Adam Chizmar (
– Matt Denton (
– Dave D’Incau Jr. (
– Gwen A.P. (
– John Galo (
– Matt Gondek (
– Darrell Kinsel (
– Jordan Kent Martin (
– Michael Koehler (
– Phil Seth (
– Seth Storck (

Movie is rated R, everyone under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Please share this with your friends, tickets are only $22!

More info:

Proceeds to benefit Friends of the Hollywood Theater and The MGR Foundation.

New Painting – "Dopplegang" or "Robots Be Crazy"

This is a new-ish painting that I did for a show at Fast>>Fwd Gallery down in Lawrenceville. It’s titled Dopplegang.

To me it is about a sort of mental blockage that can then skew your vision, taking a form that gets in the way, and eventually pulls you to the ground.  I think that each “doppleganger” would think that’s it’s the original, and all of it’s connected siblings would simply be it’s clones. This would cause a conflict within the clustered automatons, every bot thinking that he is the only one worth being heard and taken seriously.  But all the time the one who is the REAL original would know just that, but with the all madness going on, he could barely speak, let alone make any sense of it all.  Eventually he would have to find a way to collapse all of these shadow selves back into each other, or remain planted, while his identity hangs above his head shifting from one stubborn monotone voice to another.

City Paper Blog – Write up

I forgot to post this a while back. Back in December Bill O’Driscoll at the Pittsburgh City Paper wrote a nice write up of the work I had at Moxie Dada’s “Dia de los Muertos”.
Here’s what he had to say:

A few weeks back I attended the closing reception for the final show at moxie’s North Side venue. The gallery is going virtual, so the last night of its wittily themed Dia de los Muertos show was the last chance (for now) to see it in any sort of physical incarnation.
Going back to its first location, in a Bloomfield storefront, moxie’s typically done good work, and Muertos was no exception, featuring art by such local stalwarts as Kyle Ethan Fischer. But I was especially struck by the paintings of Michael Koehler, another young Pittsburgh-based artist.

Here’s one that was on display, titled “Almost.” The human figure with the robot head is featured in a couple of Koehler’s paintings at moxie, and in fact the image recurs in his work. I like the combination of his subtle palette and the surrealistically devastated, post-apocalyptic landscapes he uses it to render.

What’s most intriguing about “Almost,” though, is the ambivalence of the imagery. Obviously, there’s a lot of tension in the frame; those rainbow-like arches are igniting the robot-man into flames, after all (and the figure is lashed to the ground).

But the “rainbows” probably aren’t — they’re a sort of grayish green, with a texture closer to stone than to light. And look at the robot-man: His body is clearly human, while the head suggests a decorated box a kid might don to play a Halloween robot. Yet the way the head and body are joined, it looks like one being, not an entity that could simply remove its mask and go back to “normal.”

Perhaps in reaching for the dandelion, robot-man is trying to transcend his nature. To be reborn? Of course that’s what moxie’s show was all about. But with Koehler’s paintings, it’s just as rewarding to be unsure.”

Thanks Bill!

New Painting to be shown at Moxie Dada’s last show

Moxie Dada will be closing it’s doors this December. They are moving on from the four walls of the gallery to take an active part in the community. Here is a statement from their website:
We’d like to take the opportunity to thank our artists, the community and our neighbors at the firehouse studios for supporting our efforts during our stay in the Northside. It is with great enthusiasm and zest that we embark in our new direction, which includes: the development of commercial and residential art acquisition; and exploration of the virtual arena for art process, documentation, interviews and tours… Our long term goal is to provide\ global access to the Pittsburgh arts community following personal and regional developments. In short, providing a window to the world..
Coupling with the virtual development, moxie DaDA will continue to act as facilitators of public art projects. In our next phase, you can expect to see art that moves, engages and challenges.”

Their last show will be “Dia De Los Muertos Y La Resurreccion: the existencial crisis”
@ moxie DaDA
1416 Arch Street OCT 10 – NOV 7 2009

oct 10 2009 / 12-6 PM
nov 7 2009 / 6-9 PM

“This exhibition is going to explore death as a doorway to another life. It is going to represent the physical death of the gallery through a burial, and exhibition that reflects on these three questions: why do we exist; why are we here; and are we able to make a difference…?

Bougus Journey Pics


Totem Daze

Unicorn Series

When a Robot Dies


100% Time to get Busy – by Thad